Step 1: Complete Application for New Practice Members

Step 2: After completion of paperwork, you will be taken on a tour. From then we will be sitting down going over your consultation and health history. This will allows us to get all the important information we need of your health.

Step 3: We will perform a complete neurological assessment, using our state of the art technology. This will help us know how your body and nervous system are function overall.

Step 4: If necessary, we will take pictures of your spine, using our very own state of the art digital x-ray unit. Because we don’t want to guess with your health, this will allow us to get a better image of what your body looks like structurally.

Step 5: This is when Dr. Dylan is finished going over all the information we have on you. He then develops a  specific, specialized, recommended care plan for you based on the information we gathered, to allow you to reach your full potential.

Step 6: At your next visit, we will sit down and go over our full report of findings with you and your loved ones. We will discuss with you any limitations for care and what our expectations are for results and healing.

Step 7: THE Road to Natural Health and Healing 

This is the final step where you receive your first specific adjustment. Now the HEALING PROCESS begins!


Every person and every case is different, not everyone is going to heal at the same rate. However, with consistent time and repetition that is recommended by Dr. Dylan, we will not only see you start to feel better, but your body will start to function better.

Meet The Doctor

Our mission & vision


Many new patients don't know what to expect during their first time at Zao Chiropractic, so here is a layout of our unique step-by-step process to show you. This thorough approach allows our team to get to the root cause of your health.

This will conclude the first day in our office. Allowing us time to thoroughly and extensively review all the information we've gathered on you.

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